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009 - Finale

[Upon looking into Molly's room, one will find that it's very empty. The dolls and hats and clothes she collected are all gone, and we all know what that means. But on the bed, which is devoid of its girlishly pink covers, is a message written in permanent marker.]


[In the closet is a small box with a few letters addressed to groups of people. One is addressed to Atsuki, while the others have a little note telling him not to read them UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Here are the letters, which she hopes will be delivered.]

AtsukiCollapse )

PolkaCollapse )

ShikiCollapse )

Leonardo, Raphael, DonatelloCollapse )

Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, John Stewart, DianaCollapse )

Taichi, DaisukeCollapse )

008 - Deliveries [Action/Voice]

[We interrupt all the ooc announcements to bring you Molly and her delivery of hats. She had promised them in a week or two, sure, but she wasn't counting on just how long it'd take and her plans for other events getting in the way. She has several boxes in her hands, enough to almost cover her face, making her lift up her head as much as she can to see over them. Otherwise, she seems to have no trouble with carrying them around. She stops at each house and knocks, waiting for the following people to answer:

Buffy, for she has two hats waiting for her, a winter and summer one.
Kasumi, for her squirrel hat. She couldn't quite make it a flying squirrel, but she hopes that's good enough.
Lilynette, for her horny hat.
Sokka, for his amazing warriors hat.
And finally, Mikey, for the hat he told Molly to go wild with. Big mistake.

After she does that, she's going to head over to the back of the school to get ready for the playground to be built. Specifically, she's crawling around and finding whatever rocks she can that some kid could fall and cut themselves on, then crushing them to dust in her fist. As she does this, she drags the journal along with her, and at some point when she's throwing some rock-dust in the air, she asks the populace.]

So how many of you have never seen electricity before?

007 - Easter Planning [Written]

Hey everyone in Luceti! Stop playing with the outlets for a second and listen up!

I'm gonna do something awesome and I'm not just talking about the playground which is still gonna be built I just need the plans and supplies. This is gonna be completely different! If my calku calculay guess is right, Easter's April 4 this year and I'm pretty sure a whole lot of you don't know what the heck that is. It's religous to a lot of people in my world or just a holiday to other people, mostly adults, but to us? It's gonna be fun.

Because on April 4 I'm gonna do an Easter Egg Hunt! What's that you ask? Plastic eggs with candy and treats inside are hidden all over the place, and its everyone else's job to run around and find the most eggs! Usually it's just a little group, but this is gonna be the whole village! Think about it! It'll be something to do and a big competition! And rewarding since you get goodies! Good goodies, like chocolate and maybe cookies!

It's an awesome idea right? But there's no way I can do it all alone. So I'm gonna need everyone to sign up to do something!

Hunters (These are the people who're gonna find the easter eggs. All they gotta do is have fun, and this is totally the best thing to sign up for.)


Placers (If you sign up for this you get to hide the eggs the night before! But don't make them too hard to find! This is gonna be fun, not freaking impossible!)

Jill Valentine

Stuffers (These guys are gonna put all the candy and stuff in the eggs! It's the lamest job ever, but if you wanna do something and it's not any of the other things, go for it!)

Vash the Stampede

Gathers (Find all the stuff we need! Baskets, fake grass, colorful plastic eggs... Don't get the candy until it gets really close to April 4th! Unless you want us all to eat stale candy, and that sucks more than anything else in the world.)

Jill Valentine

Bakers (This one's really important! There's not gonna be enough candy in the stores, so I need all the people who like to bake and stuff to make really good stuff to put in the eggs, like candy and chocolate and cake and cookies! But it's gotta be kinda small. An inch or two I guess?)

Gilbert Nightray

This is gonna be the biggest and amazingest event ever, so don't forget to sign up unless you wanna be left out, which you'll totally regret that for like the rest of your life.

[[ooc: And now I'm off to work, will tag later!]]

006 - Hats [Action/Written]

[Molly might've thought the past week sucked, but... It really wasn't all that bad. Daisuke was quite a charming guy, after all. And fun. It totally goes against her morals, but it was really... fun. So, she snuck on over to his house, looked around to make sure no one was watching her, then slipped this under his door. Then she'll run off, a bit embarrassed at herself... But hoping that he'll appreciate the note.

Next, once she gets back to her apartment, she hops on the bed to write in her journal.]

[Filtered to the Turtles | 1% Unhackable]

How's R doing? Is he gonna be okay? I can visit if thatd help him!

[Filtered to Don | 1% Unhackable]

I think you owe me 1. So I need your help with something big! Mike said you would!


Hey Luceti! Listen up! If you seen me around, you probably seen my hats. Well I'm gonna open up a hat business! I make all my hats with T-L-C, so if you wanna get one, just tell me and I can make it! But don't make it too compleykay comple hard!

[And even if they don't want one, she's already secretly making hats for her friends.]

[[ooc: Aaand I'm off to work, be back later tonight! o/]]

005 - Entertainment [Voice/Action]

All you grown-ups wanna gather all these kids together, and you still haven't made a playground? Figures. You can't ever count on a grown-up to think of what we want.

If they're not gonna do it, we'll do it instead! Right, kids? I'm gonna need a good place and tools and everything to make the best playground ever! We'll make a slide, a swing set, a merry-go-round, one of those bouncy horsie things, monkey bars, and... what else do we need?

[Molly can be found on the intersection of pathways near houses 16, 19 and 27. In terms of a middle ground that everyone can reach easily, this is probably the best place, but it's a little small. Maybe the area around the fountain is best... That's like a plaza of sorts, right? Then again, if the plan to gather all the kids into a community housing center is done, it'd be best for it to be near that.

She appears to be deep in thought, a pout on her face as she does so, and she keeps moving from spot to spot, trying to envision where certain parts of the playground would be. She's jotting down notes, too, on some sheets of paper attached to a clipboard. They're mostly doodles and reminders of the tools they'd need, though. She's also heavily bundled, but she isn't going anywhere without a hat on her hand, which today is shaped with long, pink bunny ears on either side. It's obvious she's completely serious about this playground being built.]

003 - Villainy [Action]

[On top of a roof is Molly with a costume on. A costume made from many pieces of clothing. With everyone out and running around, she might've raided more than a few closets. Feel free to notice if she's wearing your shirt as a cape or your over-sized pants tied with someone else's belt.

Anyway, she stands there with her hands on her hips, shirt-cape waving in the wind.]

BEHOLD, LUCETI! I, Powerful Princess, am taking over this village! I'm a zillion times stronger and smarter than all of you, so don't even try to stop me! And if you do, I... uh, I'll make you sorry you did! Yeah!

[She reaches behind her, takes the flag she made and, with a brief flash of pink from her eyes, she sticks it right into the roof with a large CRACK. Why yes, that would be someone's boxers with a >:D face painted onto it.]

Fear me! Because I'm totally the best super villain ever!

002 - Survey [Written]

Okay everyone, look over here! I need your attention right now!!

I wanna learn how to fight. And I mean like good fighting! I wanna learn how to do a good punch and kick and not just throwing my fist out! But I need a really awesome teacher. No lame ones who just pretend to know how to fight.

So I want you to fill out a sheet!

Name: (Duh.)
Age: (This is important!)
Male/Female: (This doesn't really matter but a lot of questions have this.)
What kind of fighting do you do?: (Are you a ninja? Or are you a boxer? Or what?)
Do you teach good?: (Duh.)
Are you a jerk?: (This is important too!)

Please? I'll love you forever if you fill this out!


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